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July 13th, 2023: FRESCO

Definition: FRESCO*FRESCOS*FRESCOES*FRESCOED*FRESCOING v to paint on a surface of plaster

Anagrams: forces

Hooks: frescoS

Ana-hooks: cofFers coNfers focUser forcePs forceRs refocUs scofFer

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: ceNsor ceorLs ceroUs cHores cLoser coArse coDers cofFer coMers coNfer coOers coOser coPers corBes coreRs coreYs corIes corPse corseS corseT corVes cosHer cosIer cosTer coUres coUrse coVers coWers creDos cresoL crofTs croMes croNes croRes crosSe croUse croZes Decors escorT escroC escroL escroW fAcers fArces feTors fIcoes forceD forceR foreLs foresT forGes forMes forTes fosTer foYers freoNs frocKs froIse fUcose fUeros Gofers ocHers ocHres ocKers ofFers oNcers recCos recoNs recTos refFos rocHes rosAce roscOe scoreD scoreR scoreS scorSe scoTer scroBe secTor socCer sofTer soUrce

Extensions: ALfresco frescoED frescoER frescoES frescoERS frescoING frescoIST frescoINGS frescoISTS

Sub-anagrams: cero ceros cor core cores corf cors corse cos cose ef efs er erf eros ers es fer foe foes for force fore fores fro froe froes oe oes of or orc orcs ore ores orf orfe orfes orfs ors os ose re rec recs ref refs res roc rocs roe roes rose score sec seco ser serf so soc sore

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