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July 3rd, 2023: FASCICLE

Definition: FASCICLE*FASCICLES n a small bundle

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: fascicleD fascicleS

Ana-hooks: calcifIes fascicUle

'Typos': fasciole

Blana-grams: calciNes calciTes calefiEs calicHes calicLes calicOes cHalices cOeliacs ecclEsia facTices felicIas felUccas filaceRs fOcalise icefalLs sceNical

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces ae aesc ai ail ails ais aisle al ale alec alecs alef alefs ales alif alifs als as asci cafe cafes calces calf calfs calices calif califs case caseic ceas ceca cecal cecils ceil ceils cel celiac celiacs cels cicale ciel ciels cis claes clef clefs clies ea eas ef efs el elf elfs els es fa face faces facies facile fail fails falces false falsie fas fasci feal feals fecal fecial fecials feis felsic fice fices fie fil fila file files fils fisc fiscal flea fleas flic flics flies ice ices if ifs ilea ileac is isle la lac lace laces lacs laic laics las lase lea leaf leafs leas lei leis les li lice lie lief liefs lies life lis sac sae safe sai saic saice sail sal sale salic scail scale sea seal sec sei seif seil sel self si sial sic sice sile slae slice

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