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May 21st, 2023: SOMEDEAL

Definition: SOMEDEAL adv to some degree

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: lemoNades Remolades

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: alAmodes alBedoes Beldames Bemedals dalesmeN damoIsel damoselS damoZels demeRsal desolaTe dolesOme dolmaDes dUelsome eaRldoms emeNdals emeRalds Fleasome Gladsome Healsome leadsmeN leasoWed lemoNade lImeades lodesmaN lodesmeN malPosed medaleTs meGadose melodIas melodIes melodIse mesoGlea modeleRs molesTed moRseled Pedaloes Remodels Remolade seadRome slaLomed somedelE

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adeem adeems ado ados ads ae aedes al aldose ale alee ales alme almes alms alod alods aloe aloed aloes als also am amole amoles as da dae daes dal dale dales dals dam dame dames damosel dams damsel das de deal deals dee deem deems dees del dele deles dels deme demes demo demos do doe does dol dole doles dolma dolmas dols dom domal dome domes doms dos dose dso ea eale eales eas ease eased easel easle ed edema edemas ee eel eels el eld elds elm elms elodea elodeas els else em eme emes ems es la lad lade lades lads lam lame lamed lameds lames lams las lase lased lea lead leads leam leamed leams leas lease leased led lee leed lees leme lemed lemes les lo load loads loam loamed loams lod lode lodes lods loma lomas lome lomed lomes los lose losed ma mad made mads mae maes mal male males mals mas mase mased me mead meads meal mealed meals mease meased measle measled med medal medals medle medles meed meeds mel mela melas meld melds mels mes mesa mesal mese mesel mo moa moas mod modal modals mode model models (and 83 more)

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