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April 6th, 2023: PISTACHE

Definition: PISTACHE*PISTACHES n a shade of green

Anagrams: hepatics pastiche

Hooks: pistacheS

Ana-hooks: caDetship cathepsiN chapiteRs hepaticAs pasticheS patchiesT peachiEst pOachiest Whitecaps

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: achiOtes apAthies aspheRic astheNic caMpiest caMpsite captiVes catheXis chaNties chapAtis chapiteR chapLets chapPies chapteRs chaRiest chastiSe cheapEst cheapiEs cheapisH chipsetS cRispate Despatch Dispatch ectOpias eMpathic eMphatic epitaPhs escapiSt ethicaLs hapLites hapPiest hapteNic heMatics hepaticA Mastiche Mateship Mispatch Misteach paiNches paRchesi paRetics patcheRs patchieR patheTic petEchia phReatic picRates pitcheRs pitheaDs pOstiche pOtiches pRactise scYphate septicaL seRaphic shipMate shitFace spacieSt speciatE spicateD tachisMe tachisTe tepachEs theRiacs thespiaN tiecLasp tRiphase Whitecap Yachties Zaptiehs

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces ache aches achiest act acts ae ah ahi ahis ahs ai ais ait aitch aitches aits ape apes aphetic aphis apices apish apse apt as asci aseptic ash asp aspect aspic at ate ates cap cape capes caph caphs capish caps case cash cast caste cat cate cates cats cep ceps cesta cesti chai chais chaise chap chape chapes chaps chapt chase chaste chat chats cheap cheaps cheat cheats chest chi chia chias chip chips chipset chis chit chits cis cist cite cites each east eat eath eats echt eh epact epacts epha ephas epic epics es est et eta etas etch eth ethic ethics eths etic etics ha hae haes haet haets hap haps haptic has hasp hast haste hat hate hates hats he heap heaps heat heats heist hep hepatic hepcat hepcats heps hes hest het hets hi hic hie hies hip hips his hist hit hits ice ices ich ichs is it itch itches its pa pac pace paces paciest pacs pact pacts pah paise pas pase pash past paste pastie pat patch patches pate pates path paths pats pe pea peach peas peat peats pec pech pechs pecs peh pehs pes pest pet pets (and 135 more)

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