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March 17th, 2023: LINECUT

Definition: LINECUT*LINECUTS n a type of printing plate

Anagrams: cutline tunicle

Hooks: linecutS

Ana-hooks: cultiGen cutlineS linctuRe tunicleS

'Typos': linocut

Blana-grams: Alunite cAuline centilE clientS clueinG cuitTle cutiCle Diluent Ductile Dulcite elutinG elutiOn Funicle incluDe inFlect inutIle lectinS lectiOn lectuRn leucinE leucinS leucitE licentE lincHet linctuS luciGen lueticS lunAtic lunieSt luteinS nOctule nucelLi nucleiN nucliDe nutliKe Outline Stencil tincHel tunicAe unciteD uncliPt untileD untileS utenSil utRicle

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil cel celt cent ciel cine cit cite client cline clint clue cue cuit culet cult culti cunt cut cute cutie cutin ecu el elint elt en enlit et etic etui ice in incle incult incut inlet it lectin lei lent lenti lentic let leu leucin li lice lie lien lieu lin line lint lit lite litu luce lucent luetic luit luiten lune lunet lunt lute lutein ne net nice nie nil nit nite nu nuclei nut te teil tel telic ten ti tic tice tie til tile tin tine tui tule tun tune tunic ule un unce unci uncle uni unit unite unlet unlit untie until untile ut ute utile

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