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January 10th, 2023: TAPSTER

Definition: TAPSTER*TAPSTERS n one that dispenses liquor in a barroom

Anagrams: patters spatter

Hooks: tapsterS

Ana-hooks: partIest partLets patterNs peartEst pLatters prattLes pretastE prOstate spatterS spLatter sprattLe tapestrY traNsept trapNest Upstater

'Typos': tipster

Blana-grams: arpeNts artIest artIste attIres Batters Carpets Departs eNtraps epatErs espartO estrEat Hatters Iratest Latters Matters Natters paLters pareNts parGets parteRs partIes partIte partLet pasterN pasterS pastIer pastUre pateNts patteNs patterN pattesT pattIes patZers peLtast persaLt pertEst petarDs pettErs pHatter pIaster pIastre pIrates pLaster pLaters pLatter pOtters prateRs pratIes prattLe preaCts preCast pretEst prOteas prOtest psaLter pUtters ratItes ratteNs ratteRs rattLes repastS repEats reptaNt restaMp restaRt restatE retapEs retastE rOtates sCatter seapOrt septatE sHatter sMatter spareSt spatteD speCtra spItter spOtter spUtter staMper stapLer staretS starLet starteD starteR startLe startUp staterS statUre stretTa strIate sWatter taMpers tapPers tapPets tarGets tartesT tasterS tastIer tatTers teapOts tepHras tetraDs tHreaps tHreats tOaster traIpse trepaNs Uprates Upstare Upstart Upstate Uptears Yatters

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ape aper apers apes apres apse apt apter aptest ar are ares ars arse art arts as asp asper aster at ate ates att ear ears east eat eats er era eras ers erst es est et eta etas pa par pare pares pars parse part parts pas pase past paste paster pat pate pater paters pates pats patter pe pea pear pears peart peas peat peats per pert pes pest pet pets prase prat prate prates prats presa prest pst rap rape rapes raps rapt ras rase rasp rat rate rates rats re reap reaps rep repast reps res resat rest ret rets sae sap sat sate sea sear seat sept septa ser sera set seta sett spa spae spar spare spat spate spear sprat star stare start stat state stater step stet strap strep ta tae tap tape taper tapers tapes taps tar tare tares tarp tarps tars tart tarts tas tase taser taste taster tat tate tater taters tates tats te tea tear tears teas teat teats tepa tepas tes test testa tet tetra tetras tets trap trapes traps trapt treat treats tres tret trets tsar

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