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May 22nd, 2022: LIGAND

Definition: LIGAND*LIGANDS n a type of ion or molecule

Anagrams: lading

Hooks: ligandS

Ana-hooks: adDling alignEd Balding daRling dEaling dialIng digOnal gadlinG gliadIn ladingS ladLing laidIng landiNg langUid laRding laUding lEading lOading Madling

'Typos': ligans

Blana-grams: aBling adDing agnAil aidIng ailIng aldRin alginS algOid alignS alinEd anglEd aRling aUding Baling daEing danglE danglY daRing daTing daWing daZing dEnial dialOg dinglE dOlina dOling dUalin Elding Engild Fading gainEd gainlY ganOid gEnial gildEn ginGal glandS gRadin Hading Haling idlIng inlaId inlaNd iSland Jading Jingal laCing ladinO lagEnd lagGin laKing laMing laSing laVing laWing laYing laZing liangS linagE lingaM lingaS lingUa Malign nailEd nilgaI nilgaU Paling Signal Tindal Ungild Unglad Unlaid Vading Wading Waling

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad ag agin ai aid ail ain al algid algin align an and ani anil da dag dal dali dan dang di dial dig din ding gad gadi gaid gain gal gan gi gid gila gild gin glad gland glia glid id igad in la lad lag laid lain land lang li liang lid lig ligan lin lind ling linga na nag nail nid nidal nil

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