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May 14th, 2022: OSCULATE


Anagrams: lacteous locustae

Hooks: osculateD osculateS

Ana-hooks: Bluecoats casSoulet cauteloUs coNsulate coPulates outPlaces scoPulate

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aBsolute acAulose acolYtes alecostS aloetIcs autocUes autolYse Bluecoat caColets caGoules calotTes caluMets caMelots caRousel catAloes cateloGs catHoles catHouse caulDest cauloMes cHolates closeOut clotuRes clouteRs coalIest coatlesS coeQuals colLates coNsulta coPulate coulDest coulteRs couPlets culotTes cutlaseS elocutEs escHalot lactoNes lactoseS lacuNose leucoMas locateRs locuLate locustaL locusteD Maculose Molecast Muscatel Noctules oBstacle octuPles oculateD osculaNt outcasTe outclasS outFaces outleaPs outPaces outPlace outRaces oVulates Petalous Polecats Rauclest Rosulate scatoleS scoPulae scutelLa seaScout sectoRal selcoutH socIetal soutacHe sulcateD toluaTes Vacuoles

Extensions: INosculateD INosculateS INosculate(S) INTERosculateD INTERosculateS INTERosculate(S)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acetous act acts acute acutes ae aesc al ale alec alecost alecs ales aloe aloes als also alt alto altos alts as ascot at ate ates atoc atocs aulos auto autos calo case cast caste castle cat cate cates cats caul caules cauls cause cautel cautels ceas cel cels celt celts cesta claes clast clat clats clause claut clauts cleat cleats close closet clot clote clotes clots clou clous clout clouts clue clues coal coals coast coat coate coates coats col cola colas cole coles coleus cols colt colts cos cose coset cost costa costae costal coste cot cote coteau cotes cots cue cues cuesta culet culets cult cults cut cute cutes cutlas cuts ea eas east eat eats eau eaus eclat eclats ecu ecus el els elt elts es escot est estoc et eta etas eusol la lac lace laces lacet lacets lacs lactose las lase last lat late lats lea leas least leat leats les lest let lets leu lo loast loca locate locates locus locust locusta los lose lost lot lota lotas lote lotes lots lotus louse lout louts luce luces lues lust lute lutea lutes oast oat oats oca ocas octa octal octals octas (and 149 more)

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