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March 31st, 2022: STIVER

Definition: STIVER*STIVERS n a formerly used Dutch coin

Anagrams: rivets strive verist

Hooks: stiverS

Ana-hooks: Diverts Grivets iNverts Privets rAviest restivE revisIt revUist sievErt striveD striveN striveR striveS stUiver tHrives triveTs vAstier veriEst veristS veritAs veritEs virtUes visIter

'Typos': shiver skiver sliver stover

Blana-grams: Airest Aivers Artsie Averts Bestir Bister Bistre Biters Citers Civets Direst Divers Divert Divest Driest Drives erviLs esPrit estriN evErts eviCts evitEs Fivers Frites Givers Grivet iNerts iNsert iNters iNvert iNvest Jivers Jivest Kiters Lister Liters Litres Livers Livest Livres Merits Mister Miters Mitres Niters Nitres Priest Privet reCits reFits reivEs reList reMits resiFt resiSt resitE resitS retiEs revEst revEts revisE riFest riPest ritZes riveRs sAtire sCrive sHrive siFter siLver siNter siSter sitreP sitTer siverS sMiter sOrtie sOviet sPrite stArve steriC steviA striAe striDe striFe striKe striNe striPe strOve sUiter sWivet terAis teTris tHeirs tHrive tiGers tiLers tiMers tiTers tiTres tOries trAves triBes triCes trieNs trieRs triKes triNes triOse triPes trisTe triveT trOves tUrves tWiers vAries vAster verisM veritE veritY verMis versEt versiN verstE verstS vertUs vestrY viLest viPers vireOs virtUe virtUs viVers vOters Wivers Wriest Writes

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: er ers erst es est et ire ires is it its re rei reis res resit rest ret rets rev revs rise rite rites rive rives rivet sei ser set sev si sir sire sit site siver sri stir te tes ti tie tier tiers ties tire tires tis tres tries verst vert verts vest vet vets vie vier viers vies vires vis vise

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