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March 19th, 2022: HAPLOSIS

Definition: HAPLOSIS*HAPLOSES n the halving of the chromosome number

Anagrams: alphosis

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Basophils hospiTals shiploaDs

'Typos': haploses

Blana-grams: aposTils Basophil Disposal haploiDs hospiTal isopaChs palshiPs phYsalis polishEs shalLops shiplaPs shiploaD siphoNal slapshoT slipshoD Topsails

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ah ahs ai ail ails ais al alp alps als also aphis apiol apiols apish apsis as ash asp aspis aspish asps ass assoil ha hail hails halo halos hao hap haps has hasp hasps hi hila hip hips his hiss ho hoa hoas hoi holp hols hop hops hos hoss io ios is ish iso isos la lah lahs lap lapis laps las lash lass lassi lasso li lip lips lis lisp lisps lo lop lops los losh loss oasis oh ohia ohias ohs oi oil oils op opah opahs opal opals ops os ossa ossia pa pah pahs pail pails pais pal palish pals paoli pas pash pass ph phasis phi phial phials phis pho pholas phos phs pi pia pial pias pila pis pish piso pisos piss plash po poa poas poh poi pois poisha pol polis polish pols pos posh poss psi psis psoai psoas sai sail sails sais sal salop salops salp salps sals sap saps sash sh sha shaps ship ships shoal shoals shola sholas shop shops si sial sials silo silos sip sips sis sisal slap slaps slash slip slips slish slop slops slosh so soap soaps soh sohs soil soils sol sola (and 23 more)

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