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March 3rd, 2022: LATH

Definition: LATH*LATHS*LATHED*LATHING v to cover with laths (thin strips of wood)

Anagrams: halt

Hooks: lathE lathI lathS lathY

Ana-hooks: althO Ethal haltS haUlt laIth latCh lOath lOtah Shalt

'Typos': bath eath gath hath lakh lash late lati lats lith loth math oath path rath tath

Blana-grams: alIt altO altS Baht Blah Blat Chal Chat Clat Dahl Dalt Dhal Flat Ghat haEt haFt haIl halE halF halL halM halO haNt haRl haRt haSt hatE hatS haUl haUt hEal hEat hIla hIlt hOlt hUla hYla Khat lahS laNt laSt lEat lOta Malt Phat Plat Salt Shat Slat taCh taEl tahA tahR taIl talA talC talE talI talK talL taNh taSh tEal tEla thaE thaN thaR thaT thaW tOla tWal What

Extensions: lathED lathEE lathEN lathER lathES lathIS BlathER CAlathI SlathER lathEES lathERS lathERY lathIER lathING BlathERS CAlathOS CAlathUS FlathEAD SlathERS lathERED lathERER lathIEST lathINGS lathLIKE lathWORK lathYRUS BlathERED BlathERER FlathEADS SlathERED lathERERS lathERIER lathERING lathWORKS lathYRISM BlathERERS BlathERING SlathERING lathERIEST lathYRISMS lathYRITIC lathYRUSES CAlathEA(S) FlathEAD(S) BlathERSKITE ClathRATE(S) MAlathION(S) BlathERSKITES BlathERSKITE(S)

Sub-anagrams: ah al alt at ha hat la lah lat ta

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