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March 2nd, 2022: SAUGER

Definition: SAUGER*SAUGERS n a freshwater fish

Anagrams: argues augers usager

Hooks: saugerS

Ana-hooks: aerugOs argueRs arguseS Desugar gauFers gauFres gauGers gauPers Maugres Murages rauNges seVruga sugareD uNgears usagerS

'Typos': gauger mauger sagger sanger saucer

Blana-grams: aBuser aerugO agGers agreEs agrIse aguIse aLures aMuser aNgers argLes argueD argueR arguTe arOuse asSure augUrs aureUs aZures Barges Begars Bursae Cagers Causer Cesura Degras eagErs eagrEs egGars erugOs Feuars gaGers gaMers gaPers garBes garRes garuMs gasHer gasPer gasSer gasTer gauFer gauFre gauGes gauJes gauPer gauZes gaZers gearEs geBurs geraHs gLares gLaurs gLuers gOuras graCes graDes graDus graMes graPes grasTe graTes graVes graZes greasE greasY greaTs grOuse grueLs gruFes gruMes guarDs guIser gurGes gusHer gusLar guTser gYrase Jagers Lagers Larges Lugers Marges Maugre Murage Orgues Pagers Pareus Parges Pauser Purges raDges rageEs rageRs raNges rasuRe rauNge regaLs regaRs regIus reguLa reguRs reNgas resEau reTags rOgues rOuges rugaTe rugOsa rugOse sagIer sargeS sarguS sauLge saureL segarS segGar seraNg sOrage sParge sPurge sQuare sTager suaVer sugarS sugarY suNgar surgeD surgeR surgeS sWager Targes Teguas Tragus Tugras uNgear uraeUs uraRes uraseS uraTes ureasE ureNas urgeRs usageS Vaguer Vagues Wagers Yagers

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age ager agers ages ague agues ar are areg ares argue argus ars arse as auger aures ea ear ears eas eau eaus er era eras erg ergs ers es gae gaes gar gare gars gas gau gaur gaurs gaus gear gears grue grues gu guar guars gue gues gur gurs gus rag rage rages rags ras rase re reg regs res rue rues rug ruga rugae rugs rusa ruse sae sag sage sager sar sarge sau sea sear seg segar ser sera sue suer sugar sur sura sure surge ug ugs ur urase ure urea ureas ures urge urges ursa ursae us usage use user

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