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December 18th, 2021: STRICKLE

Definition: STRICKLE*STRICKLED*STRICKLING*STRICKLES v to shape or smooth with a strickle (an instrument for leveling off grain)

Anagrams: stickler ticklers trickles

Hooks: strickleD strickleS

Ana-hooks: sticklerS tricklesS trickleTs

'Typos': strinkle

Blana-grams: Altrices Articles Brickles cHirkest cirClets clerkisH cliCkers cliCkets cliNkers clitTers clOister cOistrel cOrkiest cOstlier creOlist criCkets criNkles cUrliest Ficklest Flickers klisterS lArkiest liNkster lUckiest Micklest Picklers Prickets Prickles recitAls reticlEs rOckiest scleritE selictAr sickerlY sicklIer slickerS slickeSt stAlkier stArlike stericAl stickerS stickIer stickleD stickleS stOckier strickeN tAcklers tAlckier ticklIer tiercEls tiNklers trickeRs trickleD trickleT triscelE triskelE trUckies trUckles Utricles

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil ceils cel cels celt celts cert certs cesti ciel ciels cire cires cirl cirls cis cist cit cite citer citers cites cits clerk clerks clies crest cries cris crise crit crits eik eiks el elk elks els elt elts er eric erick ericks erics erk erks ers erst es est et etic ice icer icers ices ick icker ickers ilk ilks ire ires irk irks is isle islet istle it its keir keirs kelt kelts kest ket kets kier kiers kilt kilter kilters kilts kir kirs kirtle kirtles kist kit kite kiter kiters kites kits klister kris lei leir leirs leis lek leks les lest let lets li lice lick licker lickers licks lie lier liers lies like liker likers likes likest lire lirk lirks lis lisk list lister lit lite liter liters lites litre litres lits re rec recit recits reck recks recs recti rei reik reiks reis reist relic relics relict relicts relist relit res resit rest ret rets rice rices rick rickets rickle rickles ricks riel riels rile riles rise risk rit rite rites rits scrike sec sect sei seik seil seir sekt sel ser seric serk set si sic sice sick sicker sickle sike siker (and 87 more)

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