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August 7th, 2021: HALTERE

Definition: HALTERE*HALTERES n a pair of wings of an insect

Anagrams: leather

Hooks: haltereD haltereS

Ana-hooks: etherEal etherIal heartleT lathereD lathereR leatherN leatherS leatherY

'Typos': halters

Blana-grams: aetherS alerteD alerteR altereD altereR alterNe arChlet atelIer athleTe Blather Bleater Blether Breathe Cheater Chelate eartheD eartheN earthlY elaterS eNteral eNthral eratheM eterNal eXalter Farthel Feather halBert harSlet hartelY haVerel healerS hearteD hearteN heartlY heaterS heatHer heCtare heDeral heeltaP heKtare herBlet hetaerA laetAre laMeter latheeS latherS latherY lathIer leaCher letheaN lOather Petrale Pleater Preheat Prelate rathOle realeSt realteR realtIe reChate reCheat reDealt reFlate reheatS relaChe relateD relateR relateS rePlate reSlate retaBle reteaCh Shelter Slather Stealer teaCher teleraN telPher tereFah thalerS theaTer theaTre thereaT therMae therMal therMel threaVe traChle treaCle treaDle trehalA Weather Whereat Wreathe

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aether ah al ale alee alert alt alter ar are aret arete arle art artel at ate ea eale ear earl earth eat eater eath eathe ee eel eh el elate elater elt er era ere et eta eth ethal ethe ether ha hae haet hale haler halt halter hare harl hart hat hate hater he heal healer hear heare heart heat heater heel hele her here hereat herl het hete la laer lah lar lare laree lat late later lath lathe lathee lather lea lear leare leat lee leear leer leet lehr lere let lethe rah rale rat rate ratel rath rathe re real reate ree reel reh reheat relate relet ret rete rhea ta tae tael tahr tale taler tar tare te tea teal tear tee teel teer tehr tel tela telae tele thae thaler thar the thee there thrae three tree

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