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May 29th, 2021: SCUT

Definition: SCUT*SCUTS n a short tail, as of a rabbit

Anagrams: cuts

Hooks: scutA scutE scutS

Ana-hooks: cRust cuIts cuLts cuNts cuRst cutEs cutIs Ducts Ictus scOut scuFt sOuct stucK tucKs

'Typos': saut scat scot scud scug scul scum scup scur shut slut smut sout

Blana-grams: Acts Bust Buts cAst cAts cHut cIst cIts cOst cOts cRus cuBs cuDs cuEs cuIt cuLt cuNt cuPs cuRs cuRt cusH cusK cusP cusS cutE cYst Duct Dust Ecus Fusc Fust Gust Guts Huts Just Juts Lust Must Muts Nuts Oust Outs Puts Rucs Rust Ruts sEct stuB stuD stuM stuN sucH sucK suEt suIt tAus tHus tIcs tOcs tuBs tucK tuGs tuIs tuMs tuNs tuPs tusH tusK tuTs utAs utEs utIs utUs

Extensions: scutAL scutCH scutES scutUM MIscutS scutAGE scutATE scutTER scutTLE PREscutA scutAGES scutCHED scutCHER scutCHES scutELLA scutIGER scutTERS scutTLED scutTLER scutTLES CROSscutS MIscut(S) PREscutUM scutCHEON scutCHERS scutCHING scutELLAR scutELLUM scutIFORM scutIGERS scutTERED scutTLERS scutTLING EscutCHEON MIscutTING scutCHEONS scutCHINGS scutELLATE scutTERING scutTLEFUL CROSscut(S) EscutCHEONS scutELLATED scutTLEBUTT scutTLEFULS EscutCHEONED OVERscutCHED scutELLATION scutTLEBUTTS DIscutIENT(S) INEscutCHEONS scutELLATIONS INEscutCHEON(S)

Sub-anagrams: cut st us ut uts

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