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May 16th, 2021: TURDINE

Definition: TURDINE adj belonging to a large family of singing birds

Anagrams: intrude untired untride untried

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: dAturine indurAte intrudeD intrudeR intrudeS inturNed reinduCt retinuEd reunitEd rudiMent ruinAted turBined turniPed underBit underLit underWit unMitred untidIer urinAted

'Typos': turbine

Blana-grams: Antired Audient Bruited Brunted Buntier dAunter denturE detinuE detrAin deXtrin diLuent diLuter diStune dOurine dunGier duniteS dunNier dunNite duStier eruditE etOurdi Fruited Grunted indIter induCer inJured inSured inurNed iOduret Minuted Minuter Munited Mutined nAtured neuritE neurOid nitrIde nutSier nutTier Outride Printed Prudent Prunted Quirted reduitS rePunit retinuE retundS retunEd reunitE rOutine ruinAte rundLet runtieR Studier tAurine tendriL tenurEd tHunder tinderS tinderY trAined triBune tridenT triduAn trindLe triuneS trudGen trueinG trundLe trunKed turdiOn unAired unCited undreSt undrieD unFired unHired unitArd uniterS unMiter unMitre unrAted unriMed unriVet untiLed untreAd unWired unWrite uPtrend urAnide urAnite uredinE uridIne urinAte uterinE Venturi

Extensions: SturdineSS SturdineSSES

Sub-anagrams: de dei den dent dern di die diet din dine diner dint dire dirt dit dite drent due duet dui duit dun dune dunite dunt dure durn ed edit en end er ern et etui id ide in indue inert inter inure inured ire ired it iure ne ned nerd net nid nide nie nied nit nite niter nitre nu nude nuder nudie nur nurd nut re red reduit rei rein ren rend rent ret retund rid ride rident rin rind rine rit rite rud rude rudie rue rued ruin ruined run rund rune runed runt runted rut rutin te ted teind ten tend tern ti tid tide tie tied tier tin tind tinder tine tined tire tired trend tride trie tried trin trine trined triune true trued tui tun tund tune tuned tuner tunier turd turn turned un unde under uni unit unite united uniter unred unrid untie untied ur urd urde ure urent urine urined urite urn urned ut ute uteri

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