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February 2nd, 2021: NERITIC

Definition: NERITIC adj pertaining to shallow water

Anagrams: citrine crinite inciter

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: citrineS criniteS icterinE inciterS inDicter inDirect intriNce neUritic recitinG reincitE reinDict

'Typos': noritic

Blana-grams: cAntier centriC cerAtin certAin cineriN ciStern citHern citHren citiZen citrinS citTern cOinter creAtin cretinS criMine crinAte Dictier Dineric eirEnic entEric enticEr erinitE eriStic Hircine icHnite icteriC icteriD iDentic iGniter inciteD inciteS inDiter inertiA inHerit interiM inViter irenicS itcHier Kinetic Lintier Mincier Mintier nAcrite niFtier nitcHie niteriE nitriDe nitriLe nitriTe nitTier nOticer Oneiric Picrite rectiOn ricieSt Sericin Sirenic terMini ticHier tierinG tiGrine tinNier tinTier tricinG tricKie tWinier Vitrine Zincier Zincite

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cent cert cine cire cit cite citer citrin cretin crine crit en er eric ern et etic ice icer icier in incite inert inter inti intire ire irenic it ne net nice nicer nie nit nite niter nitre nitric re rec recit recti rei rein ren rent ret rice ricin rin rine rit rite te ten tern ti tic tice tie tier tin tine tinier tire trice trie trin trine

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