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October 16th, 2020: BLOATER

Definition: BLOATER*BLOATERS n a smoked herring

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: bloaterS

Ana-hooks: balLoter broCatel laborIte Portable Sortable Storable

'Typos': bleater bloated blotter floater gloater

Blana-grams: abetTor ablAtor aborteD aborteE aborteR alberGo albertS arboRet baroNet batlerS batTero batTler belaBor blaSter blatHer blatTer blaWort bleWart boaSter boatelS boaterS bolSter bolterS borateD borateS borStal botTler boUlter braNtle bratTle broMate brotHel Delator earlobE Floreat Globate Halbert laboreD laboreR labretS labroSe laMbert leGator leotarD leVator lIbrate loatHer lobateD lobSter loCater Molerat Notable oblateS oeStral orbItal Potable Probate Prolate raGbolt ratAble ratHole realLot realtoR rebatoS reboaNt reFloat relatoR retablE roPable roWable roYalet rUbeola Sorbate Stabler tablIer taboreD taboreR taboreT teaboWl teMblor tolLbar toOlbar torUlae toTable toWable trIable trIlobe troUble Votable Zelator

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abet able abler ablet abo abore abort ae aero al alb albe albert ale alert aloe alt alter alto ar arb are aret arle art artel at ate ba bael bal bale baler bar bare bat bate batler be bear beat bel belt bet beta blae blaer blare blat blate blater blear bleat blet bloat blore blot bo boa boar boart boat boatel boater bola bolar bole bolt bolter bor bora boral borate bore boreal borel bort bot bota botel bra brae brat bro ea ear earl eat el elt eorl er era et eta la lab labor labret laer lar lare lat late later lea lear leat let lo lob lobar lobate lobe lor lorate lore lot lota lote oar oat oater ob oba obe oblate oe ole olea or ora oral orate orb ore orle ort rale rat rate ratel rato re real realo reb rebato ret roate rob robe roble roe role rot rota rotal rote rotl ta tab taber table tabor tae tael tale taler tao tar tare taro te tea teal tear tel tela to toe toea tola tole tor tora tore

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