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April 13th, 2020: COLTER

Definition: COLTER*COLTERS n a blade on a plow

Anagrams: lector

Hooks: colterS

Ana-hooks: cHortle clotTer clotUre cloUter corSlet cortIle coStrel coUlter crotTle elEctor elEctro lectorS locAter

'Typos': bolter coater colder colted cooter copter coster cotter couter culter jolter molter tolter

Blana-grams: cArlot cArtel ceorlS cHoler cItole clAret cloNer cloSer cloSet cloteS clotHe cloVer coAler coIler colLet colUre coOler corBel corMel corNel corNet corSet corteX corVet cotYle coVert creolE creSol croNet crotAl croUte cUtler elUtor erotIc eScort eScrol Floret Hector leNtor lIctor locAte locKer locKet loFter loIter loOter lorAte lotHer Merlot ocelOt orAcle orcHel oStler oUtler Petrol recoAl recoIl rectAl rectoR rectoS relIct relocK relUct rePlot retolD retoOl reVolt rocHet rocKet roOtle rotcHe Scoter Sector Sterol tArcel tercEl tercIo tocHer toIler tolLer toOler torSel trocHe troelY troUle troWel Vector Wortle

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cel celt ceorl cero cert clot clote col cole colt cor core cot cote el elt eorl er et let lo lor lore lot lote oe ole or orc ore orle ort re rec recto ret roc roe role rot rote rotl te tel to toc toe tole tor torc tore

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