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December 27th, 2019: HEADRACE

Definition: HEADRACE*HEADRACES n a water channel

Anagrams: areached

Hooks: headraceS

Ana-hooks: caThedrae decaheDra headreacH Scarehead

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aceraTed areacheS Barehead Berdache Breached caThedra charadeS deMarche deTacher drachMae earacheS eNarched hardcaSe hardFace headacHe headcaSe headGear Preached Searched Tracheae

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: aa aah aahed ace aced acer ach ache ached acre acred ad adhere ae ah aha ahead ahed ar arc arcade arced arch arched ard are area areach aread areae areca ared arede cad cade cadee cadre car card care cared cedar cede ceder cee cere cered ch cha chad chadar char chara charade chard chare chared che cheder cheer cher chere cred cree creed da dace dacha dae dah dare de dear deare decare dee deer dere dree ea each ear earache eard eared ecad ech echard eche eched ed edh ee eech eh ehed er era ere ered ha haar had hade hae haed hard hare hared he head header hear heard heare heder heed her herd here raca race raced rach rache rad rade rah rahed re reach reached read rec red rede ree reech reed reh rhea

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