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December 25th, 2019: SOUTER

Definition: SOUTER*SOUTERS n a shoemaker

Anagrams: ouster outers routes stoure touser trouse

Hooks: souterS

Ana-hooks: Couters Croutes Detours Dourest Douters eLutors estrouS Fouters Foutres Jouster Mouters oBtuser oestruM oestruS ourIest ousterS outLers outreDs outserT Petrous Posture Pouters Proteus Questor Quoters reDouts retouRs roQuets rousteD rousteR routeRs sCouter sePtuor seXtuor sHouter soureSt soutHer sPouter stoureS stourIe stouTer teNours toNsure torQues toureRs tourIes touserS tousIer touTers trouLes trouPes trouseR trouseS tusSore

'Typos': couter douter fouter mouter pouter router softer sorter souper sourer soutar sowter touter

Blana-grams: Arouse Besort Bourse Brutes Burets Buster Buteos Cerous Corset Coster Coures Course Courts Crouse Croute Crouts Cruets Cruset Curets Detour Doters Douser Duster eLutor erGots eruCts eruGos eruPts esCort estroS estruM estruS Fetors Foetus Forest Fortes Foster Fouest Fouets Foutre Fueros Groset Grouse Grouts Gutser Horste Houser Juster Loures Luster Lustre Luters Metros Motser Mouser Muster Nestor Noters oAters oBtuse oPters orAtes orGues ostLer otHers otTers ousteD outHer outLer outreD outseE outseT ouVert oXters oYster Poseur Poster Presto Purest Quoter Quotes reButs reCtos reCtus reCuts reDout rePost rePots resHot resoRt resPot resuLt retouR retRos retusE roAtes roBust roGues roNtes roQues roQuet rosetS rosetY rosteD rosteR rotTes roueNs rouGes rouLes rouPet rouseD rouseR rouseS roustS routeD routHs roZets ruDest ruGose rusSet rusteD rustLe rustRe sCoter sCruto seCtor serouS setouS setouT soLute sorBet soreSt sorteD sorteS sortIe sourCe soureD sourSe sProut sterEo steroL stoKer stoNer stoPer storeD storeR storeS storeY storGe stourS stourY stoVer stoWer stoWre stroBe stroDe stroKe strouD strouP strouT stroVe stuMer stuPor suIter suItor surBet sureSt suretY sutLer sutorS sutUre teNors teNour teNsor tHroes tIroes toGues toKers toNers toPers toQues torIes torOse torOus torQue torseL torseS torTes tosHer tosSer toTers toureD toureR tourIe touseD touseS tousLe touZes toWers toWser toYers trIose troDes troKes troNes troPes trouLe trouPe trouTs troVes truCes truesT tsoreS tuBers tuMors tuNers turBos turMes turVes tusKer tusSer tusSor tuTors tuYers tWoers tYroes uLster uNrest uPrest uProse uPtore urAtes ureDos urItes uroseS uterUs utTers Vertus Voters Worset Yourts Zoster

Extensions: souterLY souterRAIN souterRAINS

Sub-anagrams: er eros ers erst es est estro et euro euros oe oes or ore ores ors ort orts os ose ou our ours oust out outer outre outs re res rest ret rets roe roes rose roset rost rot rote rotes rots roue roues rouse roust rout route routs rue rues ruse rust rut ruts ser set so sore sort sot sou sour sout st store stour sture sue suer suet sur sure sutor te tes to toe toes tor tore tores tors torse torus tose tour tours touse tres true trues ur ure ures us use user ut ute utes uts

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