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October 25th, 2019: MISSEL

Definition: MISSEL*MISSELS n a European thrush

Anagrams: slimes smiles

Hooks: misselS

Ana-hooks: Aimless limOses lissOme mesAils messilY milseYs mislIes missIle misTles mUeslis Rimless sAmiels seismAl selFism simIles simNels simPles smileRs smileTs smileYs smOiles

'Typos': kissel missal missed missee misses misset mussel

Blana-grams: Aisles Amises Climes Deisms Demiss Dismes eAssil eisEls elEmis elsiNs emAils emEsis esilEs Fissle Gimels Glimes imPels isleTs isTles Kelims lAisse lAssie limeNs limeYs lisLes lisseS lissOm mAiles mAises meJlis meliCs meliKs meRils mesAil mesEls mesiAl mileRs milLes milseY miOses miseRs misleD mislIe missAe misTle misUse mOlies mOssie mUesli mUlses Plisse Remiss sAlmis sAmiel sClims seismS semiEs sesEli seXism sHiels siDles sileNs sileRs simIle simNel simPle simUls siZels sKelms sKlims sliCes sliDes sliesT slimeD slimsY sliPes sliVes smelLs smelTs smileD smileR smileT smileY smiTes smOile sPeils sPiels sPiles sTeils sTiles sTimes Tmesis

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: el elm elms els em ems es ess is isle isles ism isms lei leis les less li lie lies lime limes lis me mel mels mes mess mi mil mile miles mils mis mise mises miss sei seil seils seis seism sel sels semi semis si sile siles sim sims sis slim slime slims smile

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