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September 18th, 2019: ALBITE

Definition: ALBITE*ALBITES n a mineral

Anagrams: albeit libate

Hooks: albiteS

Ana-hooks: ableiSt aStilbe baStile batliKe beStial biMetal bitaBle blaStie Citable labiAte libateD libateS libRate liMbate Patible Stabile tablieR tiMbale tRiable

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: abeliA ablAte ableSt abletS abSeil aiGlet albeRt alibLe aPlite ateliC baetYl baileD baileE baileR baileY bailIe baiteD baiteR balLet baRite baStle batleR batleT batTel batTle baWtie beGilt belatE betOil beWail bilLet biNate blaeSt blaiSe blaiZe blateR bleatS bliteS blitHe bOatel bOatie bOleti Cablet Detail Diable Dilate eMbail eNtail Faible Fetial Gablet Gelati Giblet Habile Halite iSabel labiLe labRet laMbie liabLe libaNt libRae liGate lObate Obelia Obital Oblate Rebait Retail Retial Riblet Saltie Stable Stelai tableD tableS tableT tabUli taiGle taileD taileR tailLe tailYe talKie teliaL teNail teRbia tHible tibIae tibIal tiMbal tiNeal tRibal Viable

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ab abet able ablet ae ai ail ait al alb albe ale alit alt at ate ba bael bail bait bal bale bat bate be beat bel belt bet beta bi bile bit bite blae blat blate bleat blet blite ea eat el elt et eta ilea it ita la lab lat late lati lea leat lei let li lib lie lit lite ta tab tabi table tae tael tai tail tale tali te tea teal teil tel tela telia ti tie til tile

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