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June 7th, 2019: MARCHESE

Definition: 1. MARCHESA*MARCHESE n the wife or widow of a marchese 2. MARCHESE*MARCHESI n an Italian nobleman

Anagrams: cashmere machrees

Hooks: marcheseS

Ana-hooks: cashmereS charmeUse Demarches meNarches remaTches

'Typos': marchesa marchesi

Blana-grams: amerceRs areAches Becharms Breaches Brechams casImere chamBers chamFers chamPers charmeRs chasmIer chaUmers cheaTers chImeras chImeres creameRs cremaTes Demarche earAches emBraces eNarches eNcharms eNchaser eraThems hecTares Leachers macheTes mahseerS marcheRs maTchers meercaTs meNacers meNarche mercheTs Peachers Preaches racemIse racemOse reacheRs rechaTes recheaTs recLames reLaches reseaRch schemerS schmearS schmeerS scLerema screameD screameR searcheD searcheR searcheS sharemeN shearmeN Teachers

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acers aces ach ache aches acme acmes acre acres ae aesc ah ahem ahs am ameer ameers amerce amerces ar arc arch arches arcs are ares arm arms ars arse as ash caese cam came cames camese cams car care careme caremes cares cars carse case cash ceas cease cee cees cere ceres ch cha cham chams char chare chares charm charms chars chas chase chaser chasm che cheer cheers cher chere cram crame crames crams crash cream creams crease cree crees creesh creme cremes ea each ear ears eas ease ech eche eches ee eech eh ehs em eme emes ems er era eras erase ere eres ers es escar eschar ha hae haem haems haeres haes ham hame hames hams hare hareem hareems harem harems hares harm harms has he heame hear heare heares hears hearse hem heme hemes hems her here heres herm herma hermae herms hers herse hes hm ma mac mace macer macers maces mach mache maches machree machs macs mae maes mahseer mar marc march marches marcs mare mares mars marse marsh mas mase maser mash masher me meare meares mease meer meers merc mercs mere meres merse mes mesa mesarch mese (and 92 more)

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