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April 21st, 2019: RUGOSE

Definition: RUGOSE adj full of wrinkles

Anagrams: erugos grouse orgues rogues rouges

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Aerugos Brogues Drogues gouGers gourDes grouseD grouseR grouseS gruMose Morgues reguLos sCourge sCrouge surgeoN Voguers

'Typos': rugosa

Blana-grams: Aerugo Argues Arouse Augers Bouges Bourgs Bourse Brogue Cerous Cogues Coures Course Crouse Douser Drogue ergoNs ergoTs Forges Fueros geBurs geNros gLuers goFers goNers gorGes gorseS gouGer gouGes gourAs gourDe gourDs greGos groNes groPes groseR groseT grosZe grouFs grouPs grouTs groVes grueLs gruFes gruMes guIros guIser gurGes gusHer guTser gYrose gYrous Houser Loures Lugers Morgue Mouser ogLers ogresS orgIes ousTer ouTers Porges Poseur Purges regGos regIus reguLo reguRs rogeRs rogueD roQues roueNs rougeD rougHs rouLes rouseD rouseR rouseS rouTes rugoUs sAuger serouS soDger sogerS sorAge souPer sourCe soureD soureR sourSe souTer sPurge sTorge sToure surgeD surgeR surgeS Togues Touser Trouse ugsoMe uPgoes uProse ureDos urgeRs uroseS usAger Voguer Vogues Vouges

Extensions: rugoseLY

Sub-anagrams: ego egos er erg ergo ergs eros ers erugo es euro euros geo geos go goe goer goers goes gor gore gores gorse gos grue grues gu gue gues gur gurs gus oe oes ogre ogres or ore ores orgue ors os ose ou our ours re reg rego regos regs res roe roes rogue rose roue roues rouge rouse rue rues rug rugs ruse seg sego ser so sog soger sore sou sour sue suer sur sure surge ug ugs ur ure ures urge urges us use user

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