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April 2nd, 2019: FRISEE

Definition: FRISEE*FRISEES n curly leaves of endive

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: friseeS

Ana-hooks: Defiers fAeries ferLies ferRies freesiA frieZes frisBee Heifers refiLes refiNes refiRes refiXes refLies refRies reifIes reLiefs serifeD

'Typos': frises

Blana-grams: Aeries Briefs Cerise Defers Defier Defies Desire eAsier eiDers eNserf eYries fAerie feirIe feriAe feriAs feriNe ferLie ferMis fesTer feVers fiBers fiBres fierCe fiFers fiLers fireRs fisHer fiVers fiXers fLeers fLiers frAise freeRs freesT freRes frieRs frieZe friGes friTes friZes fUries Griefs Heifer Hirees iNfers Kefirs Liefer Lifers Nereis refeLs refeRs refiLe refiNe refiRe refiTs refUse reGies reiVes reLief reLies reMise reRise resiDe resifT resiLe resiTe resiZe reTies reVise rifesT rifLes seiNer seiSer seiZer seLfie sereiN serieS serifS seriNe seXier sHerif sifTer sireeS sirRee sOiree sTrife

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ef efs er ere ers es fe fee fees fer fere feres fes fie fir fire fires firs free frees fries frise if ifs ire ires is re ree reef reefs rees ref refs rei reif reifs reis res rif rife rifs rise see seer sei seif ser sere serf serif si sir sire siree sri

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