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April 1st, 2019: PROXEMIC

Definition: PROXEMIC adj pertaining to a branch of environmental study

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: proxemicS

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: compiLer compLier compriSe compriZe copremiA copremiC exorciSm mirepoIx

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cep cero cimex cire coir come comer comix comp comper cop cope coper copier cor core corm cox coxier crim crime crimp cripe crome crop em emic emir epic eprom er eric ex expo ice icer imp io ire me merc meri meropic mi mice mico micro mir mire mirex mix mixer mo moc moe moi moire mop mope moper mopier mor more moxie oe oi om omer op ope or orc ore ox oxer oxim oxime pe pec per peri perm pi pic pice pie pier pir pix po poem poi pom pome pore pox poxier pre premix prex price prim prime primo pro proem prom re rec rei rem remix rep repo rex rice riem rim rime rip ripe roc roe rom romp rope xeric xi

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