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January 3rd, 2019: PARCENER

Definition: PARCENER*PARCENERS n a joint heir

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: parcenerS

Ana-hooks: carpenTer

'Typos': larcener

Blana-grams: capererS careenEr crepanCe panDerer perceanT prancerS preacHer precLean precLear preenacT preFacer prerenaL recanTer recreanT repLacer

Extensions: COparcenerS COparcenerY COparcener(S) COparcenerIES

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acne acre ae an ance ane ape aper ar arc are arere arpen can cane caner cap cape caper caperer car care careen career carer carn carp carper carr cee cep cepe cere cerne cran crane crap crape crare cree creep crena crepe ea ean ear earn earner ee een en ene enrace er era ere ern erne err na nacre nae nap nape narc nare narre ne neap near nearer nee neep nep neper pa pac pace pacer pan pance pane par pare parer parr pe pea peace pean pear pearce peare pec pecan pee peen peer pen pence pene per perce percen pere perea pern prance prancer pre preace pree preen prerace race racer ran rance ranee rap rape raper rare re rean reap reaper rear rec recane recap ree reearn reen ren rep reran

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