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July 23rd, 2018: NOETIC

Definition: NOETIC adj pertaining to reason

Anagrams: notice

Hooks: Anoetic

Ana-hooks: Aconite centiMo cointeR conCeit coOntie ctenoiD Deontic entoMic entoPic entoTic eXciton Henotic Kenotic Ketonic Lection nePotic noticeD noticeR noticeS Rection Section toneMic toneTic

'Typos': goetic poetic zoetic

Blana-grams: Acetin Action Aeonic Anetic Atonic cAtion cenotE centoS ceStoi cHiton cineoL citoLe citRon cLient coDein coeDit coGent coiGne coineD coineR conDie conFit conieS coniNe conteS coOtie coRnet coRtin coSine cotinG cotiSe coVent cRetin cRonet Ditone Docent econUt enAtic enoLic enticE entoiL eRotic etHion etHnic eXonic eXotic iconeS incePt inceSt incIte incoMe inFect inJect inSect intoeD intoNe Lectin Lentic Lionet niceSt nicetY noceNt nocKet noRite noVice octAne oeciSt ointeD oRcein oRcine oRient oScine Pectin Peinct Picote Pointe Pontic Pontie Recoin Scient tecHno teRcio ticKen tocSin toeinG tonicS tonieR tonieS toniTe toWnie toXine

Extensions: DIAnoetic

Sub-anagrams: cent cento cine cion cit cite cito coin coit con cone coni conte cot cote en eon et etic ice icon in into io ion it ne net nice nie nit nite no not note oe oi oint on once one ontic otic te ten ti tic tice tie tin tine to toc toe ton tone tonic

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