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May 26th, 2018: SEMPRE

Definition: SEMPRE adv in the same manner throughout - used as a musical direction

Anagrams: semper

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Amperes Deperms empAres empIres empresS emprIse epImers Imprese Kempers premeDs premIes premIse presUme sempLer spIreme sUpreme Tempers

'Typos': semper semple

Blana-grams: Ameers Ampere Bermes Creeps Cremes Crepes Deperm emBers emeErs emMers empAre emperY empIre empUse emUres epImer eprIse eprOms Herpes Kemper Kermes Kreeps Lepers meAres merDes mereLs meresT merGes merLes merseS meTers meTres mIsere mOpers mpreTs Nepers peAres perCes permeD perseS persUe perUse perVes pesTer peTers peTres pHeers preAse preeNs premeD premeN premIe preseS preseT preVes preXes preZes prImes prOems pUrees rAmees reAmes reHems remAps remeNs remIse repeGs repeLs repOse resTem resUme reTems rUpees seAmer seemEr serApe sImper speerS spermS sperRe sperSe speWer spHere spIrem spreeD spreeS Temper Vermes Vesper

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ee em eme emes ems er ere eres ers es me meer meers mere meres merse mes mese pe pee peer peers pees per pere peres perm perms perse pes pre pree prees prese re ree rees rem rems rep reps res see seem seep seer seme ser sere smee speer sperm spree

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