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May 17th, 2018: PLANCHET

Definition: PLANCHET*PLANCHETS n a flat piece of metal for stamping into a coin

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: planchetS

Ana-hooks: phlYctena

'Typos': planches

Blana-grams: cenOtaph cephalIn chapletS chatlIne cOnepatl elEphant enthalpY ethnIcal haptenIc penchaNt pentaclE pentaRch placentA pOtlache

Extensions: planchetTE planchetTES

Sub-anagrams: ace ache acne act ae ah al ale alec aleph alp alt an ane ant ante ape apt at ate cal can cane cant cantle cap cape caph caplet cat cate cel celt cent cental cep chalet chant chap chape chapel chaplet chapt chat cheap cheat chela clan clap clapt clean cleat clept each eat eath echt eclat eh el elan en enact epact epha et eta etch eth etna ha hae haen haet hale halt hance hant hantle hap hapten hat hate he heal heap heat help hen hent hep hepcat het la lac lace lah lance lancet lanch lane lap lat latch late laten lath lathe lea leach lean leant leap leapt lech lent lept lepta let letch na nae nah nap nape natch ne neap neat neath net nth pa pac pace pact pah pal pale palet pan pane panel pant pat patch pate paten path pe pea peach peal pean peat pec pecan pech pechan peh pelt pen penal pent pet petal phat pht place placet plan planch planche plane planet plant plat plate platen plea pleach pleat plena plench ta tace tach tache tae tael talc tale tan tap tape te tea teach teal tec (and 15 more)

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