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May 2nd, 2018: LACEWOOD

Definition: LACEWOOD*LACEWOODS n an Australian tree

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: lacewoodS

Ana-hooks: laNcewood

'Typos': latewood

Blana-grams: caBoodle caNoodle locoweEd woodlIce woodMeal woodWale

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acold ad ado ae al ale alec alew alod aloe aloed alow alowe aw awdl awe awed awl awol cad cade calo caw cawed cel clad clade claw clawed clew clod clow coal coaled cod coda code coed col cola cold cole colead coled coo cooed cool cooled cow cowal cowed cowl cowled da dace dae dal dale daw de deal deaw decal declaw deco del dew dewool do doc doe dol dolce dole doo dool doole dow dowel dowl dowle dwale ea ecad ecod ed el eld la lac lace laced lad lade law lawed lea lead led lew lewd lo load loca loco locoed lod lode loo looed low lowe lowed oca od oda odal ode odea oe old ole olea oleo oo ow owe owed owl owled wad wade wae wald wale waled we weal weald wed weld wo woad woald woe wold woo wood wooed wool woold wooled

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