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March 22nd, 2018: SOLONETZ

Definition: SOLONETZ*SOLONETZES n a type of soil

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: (none)

'Typos': solonets

Blana-grams: entozoAl loonIest Moonlets oIlstone ozonAtes snoozleD snoozleS zonUlets zoolItes zoonItes

Extensions: solonetzES solonetzIC

Sub-anagrams: el els elt elts en enol enols ens eon eons es est et leno lenos lens lent lento lentos les lest let lets lez lo lone loo loon loons loos loose loosen loot looten loots los lose losen lost lot lote lotes loto lotos lots lozen lozens ne nest net nets no noel noels noes nole noles nolo nolos noo noose nos nose not note notes oe oes ole olent oleo oleos oles on one ones ons onset onst onto oo oon oons oont oonts oos oose oot oots ooze oozes os ose ozone ozones sel sen sent set seton sez sloe sloot slot snool snoot snooze snoozle snot so sol sole solo solon son sone soole soon soot soote sot sotol st sten steno stole stolen stoln stolon stone stool te tel telos tels telson ten tens tes to toe toes tole toles ton tone tones tons too tool tools toon toons tose toze tozes zel zeloso zels zest zlote zo zone zones zoo zoon zoons zoos zos

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