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March 15th, 2018: DEEMSTER

Definition: DEEMSTER*DEEMSTERS n a judicial officer of the Isle of Man

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: deemsterS

Ana-hooks: destemPer resmeLted restemMed steAmered

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: deCreets deerLets demerGes demerIts demerseD demerseS demIster demPster demUrest deserteD deserteR deterGes detesTer dImeters emeNders eNtremes eremItes erOtemes esteemEd estrePed eXserted eXtremes Festered mAstered mIstered mOdester mUstered Pestered reedIest remedIes remeLted reNested reseAted reseCted reseNted resetTed reteAmed retesTed reVested seCreted seedtIme semeSter setTered stereOed stereOme streAmed streeKed streeLed streeTed temPered Westered

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: de dee deem deems deer deere deers dees deet deets deme demerse demes dere deres derm derms desert deter deters dree drees drest ed ee em eme emeer emeers emersed emes ems er ere ered eres ers erst es est esteem ester et me med meed meeds meer meered meers meet meeter meeters meets merde merdes mere mered meres merest merse mes mese mestee met mete meted meter metered meters metes metre metred metres mets re red rede redeem redeems redes reds ree reed reede reedes reeds rees reest reested rem remede remedes remeet remeets remet rems res resee reseed reset rest rested restem ret rete retem retems retes rets sed seder see seed seeder seem seemed seemer seer seme semee semeed ser sere sered set smee st sted stede steed steem steemed steer steered stem steme stemed stere te ted teds tee teed teem teemed teemer teemers teems teer teered teers tees teme temed temes tems temse temsed teres term termed terms terse tes tree treed trees tres

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