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February 11th, 2018: CASUIST

Definition: CASUIST*CASUISTS n one who resolves ethical problems

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: casuistS

Ana-hooks: acQuists catsuiTs caustiCs sauciEst suitcasE Vacuists

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acQuist acQuits aNicuts ascitEs auRists autisMs Bustics caEstus casitAs catsuiT catsuPs caustiC cEstuis ciCutas cLusias cuBists cuEists cuEstas cuiRass cusHats cutisEs cutLass cYtisus Dicasts Ectasis Fascist Fustics ictusEs issuaNt Mastics Misacts Miscast Miscuts Muscats Nautics Racists Rustics sacButs sacRist scaitHs scHuits scOtias sHiatsu sPastic staTics suBacts sustaiN tHiasus tissuaL uPcasts uRticas Vacuist

Extensions: casuistIC casuistRY casuistICAL casuistRIES casuistICALLY

Sub-anagrams: act acts ai ais ait aits aitu aitus as asci ascus ass at cast casts casus cat cats cis cist cists cistus cit cits cuit cuits cuss cut cutis cuts ictus is it ita itas its sac sacs sai saic saics sais saist sat sati satis sau saut sauts scat scats scut scuta scuts si sic sics sis sist sit sits situs st sui suit suits sus ta tai tais tas tass tau taus ti tic tics tis tui tuis us ut uta utas utis uts

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