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February 10th, 2018: SCUTAGE

Definition: SCUTAGE*SCUTAGES n a tax exacted by a feudal lord in lieu of military service

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: scutageS

Ana-hooks: cutTages gaucHest gaucIest tRucages

'Typos': scutate

Blana-grams: acetOus acQuest actuRes acutesT augItes augUste Baguets caestuS cagIest caNgues catguTs cauteLs cauteRs cRustae cuBages cuestaS cuRates cusPate cutTage escuagE eustacY Faucets gateAus Mucates Nutcase Outages suLcate teacuPs tRucage tuBages uNcages uPstage Vaguest

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces act acts acute acutes ae aesc ag age ages ague agues as at ate ates cage cages case cast caste cat cate cates cats cause ceas cesta cue cues cuesta cut cute cutes cuts ea eas east eat eats eau eaus ecu ecus es est et eta etas gae gaes gas gast gat gate gates gats gau gaus geat geats gest get geta getas gets gu gue gues guest gus gust gut guts sac sae sag sage sat sate sau sauce saut saute scag scat sceat scug scut scuta scute sea seat sec sect seg set seta st stag stage sue suet ta tace taces tae taes tag tags tas tau taus te tea teas teg tegs tegu tegua teguas tegus tes tug tugs ug ugs us usage use ut uta utas ute utes uts

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