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February 2nd, 2018: HELISTOP

Definition: HELISTOP*HELISTOPS n a heliport

Anagrams: hoplites isopleth

Hooks: helistopS

Ana-hooks: heliCopts helipoRts hospitAle isoplethS tholepiNs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Depolish eXploits Fishpole Fleshpot hAplites heElpost heliCopt helipoRt helotisM hilLtops holsteiN hoOliest hopPiest hospitAl hostileS hotliNes isophOte loOpiest lopPiest Milepost Neoliths pestholE petiolEs philteRs philtRes phoNiest piGhtles pilhoRse piNholes pisolIte pistoleD pistoleS pistoleT pithlesS plotTies poetshiP poiNtels poitRels poleMist polisheD polisheR polisheS politesT politIes poNtiles posthOle postiChe pothOles potiChes potliNes ptiloseS Repolish shitHole shopliFt siphoNet slopieSt spoliAte sUlphite tApholes thlipseS tholepiN toeClips topliNes tRophies

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: eh ehs el elhi elops els elt elts eolith eoliths epos es est estop et eth ethiops ethos eths he heil heils heist helio helios helo helos helot helots help helps hep heps hept hes hesp hest het hets hi hie hies hilt hilts hip hips hipt his hist hit hits ho hoe hoes hoi hoise hoist hole holes holies holiest holist holp hols holt holts hop hope hopes hoplite hops hos hose hosel host hostel hostile hot hote hotel hotels hots io ios is ish isle islet iso isohel istle it its lei leis leish lep leps lept les lest let lets li lie lies lip lips lis lisp list lit lite lites lith lithe lithes litho lithos liths lits lo loipe lop lope lopes lops los lose losh lost lot lote lotes loth loti lots oe oes oh ohs oi oil oils ole oles olpe olpes op ope opes ophite ophites ops opt opts os ose pe peh pehs pelt pelts pes peso pest pesto pet pets ph phi phis pho phos phot phots phs pht pi pie pies piet piets pile piles pilose pilot pilots piolet piolets pis pise pish piso piste pistol pistole pit pith pithos (and 166 more)

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