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January 4th, 2018: TOPI

Definition: TOPI*TOPIS n a sun helmet

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: topiC topiS

Ana-hooks: iMpot optiC pAtio piCot piLot piNot piNto pitoN piVot poiNt poSit potiN topHi topOi

'Typos': tipi tope toph tops tori

Blana-grams: Atop Bito Cito Coit Dipt Doit Hipt iNto iotA Loti Moit oBit oiNt oMit optS otiC pHot piEt piNt pioN pioY piSo pitA pitH pitS pitY pLot poEt poiS poLt poNt poOt poRt poSt potE potS potT poUt pYot Riot Ript Roti Spit Spot Stop tHio tipS tipT tiRo toiL toiT tRio tRip tRop tYpo

Extensions: AtopiC OCtopi topiCS topiNG AtopiES ECtopiC ENtopiC MEtopiC StopiNG UtopiSM UtopiST topiARY topiCAL ECtopiES ISOtopiC PHOtopiC SCOtopiC StopiNGS UtopiSMS UtopiSTS AUtopiSTA DYStopiAN EURYtopiC ISOtopiES SUBtopiAN SUBtopiCS UtopiA(S) UtopiSTIC topiARIAN topiARIES topiARIST topiCALLY AUtopiSTAS CACOtopiAN ECtopiA(S) NONUtopiAN ORTHOtopiC STENOtopiC UtopiAN(S) UtopiSM(S) UtopiST(S) topiARISTS topiCALITY DYStopiA(S) ECtopiCALLY HETEROtopiA HETEROtopiC MEtopiSM(S) PHOtopiA(S) PORNOtopiAN SCOtopiA(S) SUBtopiA(S) SUBtopiC(S) UtopiANISED UtopiANISER UtopiANIZED UtopiANIZER UtopiAST(S) AUtopiLOT(S) AUtopiSTA(S) CACOtopiA(S) HETEROtopiAS ISOtopiCALLY UtopiANISERS UtopiANIZERS topiCALITIES PORNOtopiA(S) RADIOISOtopiC UtopiANISE(S) UtopiANISM(S) UtopiANIZE(S)

Sub-anagrams: io it oi op opt pi pit po poi pot ti tip to top

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