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July 25th, 2017: STINGO

Definition: STINGO*STINGOS n a strong ale or beer

Anagrams: ingots tigons tosing

Hooks: stingoS

Ana-hooks: Agonist Costing Dotings gitAnos gnoMist gnostiC Hosting Lingots oUsting oUtings oUtsing Posting Rosting soFting soOting soRting sotTing stoKing stoniNg stoPing stoRing stoVing stoWing tigLons toLings toniNgs tosHing tosSing toUsing toWings toWsing toYings tRigons

'Typos': stings stingy stinko

Blana-grams: Bigots Bingos Bionts Boings Bonist Coigns Cosign Cosing Coting Doings Dosing Doting Egoist gAinst giAnts giBson giGots giPons giRons gitAno giUsto gLints gnosiS goiEst goinGs goniFs gRiots gRison gRoins Hongis Hosing inCogs ingEst ingoEs inMost intRos isogOn Jigots Joints Lingot Logins Losing Mongst Monist Mosing ngAios nigHts nitoNs nitRos noiNts nosiNg nostOi notiNg oBsign ogGins oPting oUting oUtsin Pingos Pinots Pintos Piston Pitons Points Posing Postin Poting Potins Rosing Roting sAgoin sAting signEt signoR sitIng soignE soLing sontAg soRing soWing sPigot sPinto stogiE stRing stRong stYing tAngis tAngos tHings tHongs tigLon tiMons tingEs toCsin toEing toisOn toKing toLing tongAs toniCs toniEs toniNg tonisH tonsiL toPing toTing toWing toXins toYing toZing tRigon tRigos tsKing Ustion Voting Wongis Yogins

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: gi gin gins gio gios gis gist git gits go gon gons gos got in ingo ingot ins into io ion ions ios is iso it its nis nit nits no nog nogs nos not oi oint oints on ons onst os si sign sin sing sit snig snit snog snot so sog son song sot st sting stong ti tig tigon tigs tin ting tings tins tis to tog togs ton tong tongs tons

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