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May 18th, 2017: ROSTI

Definition: ROSTI*ROSTIS n a Swiss dish of fried grated potatoes topped with cheese

Anagrams: riots rotis tiros torsi trios trois

Hooks: rostiS

Ana-hooks: Aorist Aristo Bistro Droits Fortis Griots iNtros Nitros orBits Prosit rAtios riPost sAtori sortiE sUitor toriCs toriEs triGos trioLs triosE triPos tsoriS

'Typos': roshi

Blana-grams: Airts Astir Biros Borts Brios Brits Coirs Crits Dirts Doits Droit First Foist Forts Frits Frost Giros Girts Griot Grist Grits Grots Hoist Horst iNtro iotAs iroNs Joist Lirot Loris Moist Morts Nitro Noirs Noris oBits oDist oMits orBit orNis orRis osiEr ostiA Ports Posit Prost rAtio rAtos rEsit riFts ritEs roAst roiLs roOst roOts rosEt rosiN rotAs rotEs rotLs rotOs roUst roUts rYots sHirt sHort sitAr sKirt sKort sNort sortA sortS sPirt sPort sPrit stAir stirK stirP stirS stoAi stoiC storE storK storM storY stoUr striA striP stroP stroW stroY tAros tArsi tiErs tirEs tirLs toiLs toiTs toPis torAs torCs torEs toriC toriI torOs torRs torsE torsK torsO torTs torUs toUrs triEs triGo triGs triMs trioL triPs troGs troTs troWs troYs tYros Visor Worst Worts Wrist Writs Zoris

Extensions: ProstiE ACrostiC CrostiNI CrostiNO FrostiER FrostiLY FrostiNG ProstiES ACrostiCS FrostiEST FrostiNGS ACrostiCAL DEFrostiNG FrostiNESS ProstiTUTE ProstiTUTED ProstiTUTES ProstiTUTOR ACrostiCALLY FrostiNESSES ProstiTUTING ProstiTUTION ProstiTUTORS ProstiTUTIONS

Sub-anagrams: is it its oi or ors ort orts os riot rot roti rots si sir sit so sori sort sot sri stir ti tiro tis to tor tori tors trio

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