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January 27th, 2017: PHO

Definition: not available

Anagrams: hop poh

Hooks: phoH phoN phoS phoT

Ana-hooks: Chop hoLp hoOp hopE hopS hYpo Koph opAh oUph poOh poSh Qoph Shop Soph Toph Whop

'Typos': mho oho phi phs pht poh poo pro rho tho who zho

Blana-grams: Boh Bop Cop Doh Dop Foh Fop hAo hAp hEp hIp hoA hoB hoC hoD hoE hoG hoH hoI hoN hoO hoS hoT hoW hoX hoY hUp hYp Kop Lop Mop Noh oCh ohM ohS oOh oOp opE opS opT oUp pAh pEh poA poD poI poL poM poP poS poT poW poX poZ pUh Soh Sop Top Upo Wop

Extensions: phoCA phoHS phoNE phoNO phoNS phoNY phoTO phoTS AphoNY EphoRI UphoVE phoBIA phoBIC phoCAE phoCAS phoEBE phoLAS phoNAL phoNED phoNER phoNES phoNEY phoNIC phoNON phoNOS phoOEY phoTIC phoTOG phoTON phoTOS AphoNIA AphoNIC AphoTIC CIphoNY EUphoNS EUphoNY EUphoRY EphoRAL MORphoS NYMphoS SIphoNS SKYphoI SKYphoS SYphoNS TYphoNS TYphoSE TYphoUS phoBIAS phoBICS phoBISM phoBIST phoCINE phoEBES phoEBUS phoENIX phoNATE phoNEME phoNERS phoNEYS phoNICS phoNIED phoNIER phoNIES phoNILY phoNING phoNONS phoRATE phoTICS phoTISM phoTOED phoTOGS phoTONS AGRAphoN ALphoSIS AMphoRAE AMphoRAL AMphoRIC APOphoNY AphoNIAS AphoNICS AphoNIES AphoNOUS DIAphoNY DIphoNES EUphoNIC EUphoRIC EUphoTIC EphoD(S) EphoR(S) EphoRATE GRYphoNS KYphoSES KYphoSIS KYphoTIC LYMphoID LYOphoBE SIphoNAL SIphoNED SIphoNIC SYMphoNY (and 1320 more)

Sub-anagrams: ho oh op ph po

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