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November 20th, 2016: EPICOTYL

Definition: EPICOTYL*EPICOTYLS n a part of a plant embryo

Anagrams: lipocyte

Hooks: epicotylS

Ana-hooks: lipectoMy lipocyteS

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: cAlotype copyeDit cRyolite ecotypiC epUlotic etypicAl Helicopt lepRotic leptoNic petRolic pHyletic poeticAl politeLy polyeNic polyPite poUltice pyelitIc toeclipS Velocity

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil cel celt cep cetyl ciel cit cite cito citole city clept clip clipe clipt clop clot clote cloy cloye cly clype clypei coil coit col cole coley colt coly cop cope copy cot cote cotyle cotype coy cyte ectopy el elt epic et etic etypic eyot ice icy io it lei lep lept let ley li lice lie lip lit lite lo loci loipe lop lope lot lote loti lotic loy lye lyte lytic octyl oe oi oil oily ole oleic olpe op ope opt optic otic oy oye pe pec pelt pet peyotl pi pic pice picot picote pie piet piety pile pilot pily piolet pioy pioye pit pity plie plot ploy ply po poet poetic poi pol pole poley police policy polite polity polt poly pot pote pye pyet pyic pyot te teil tel telic teloi tepoy ti tic tice tie til tile tip to toc toe toeclip toey toil toile tole top tope topi topic toy tye type typic typo yclept ye yelp yelt yep yet yeti yip yipe yite yo

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