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March 31st, 2016: ROSELLA

Definition: not available

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: rosellaS

Ana-hooks: alleGros alloVers Corellas llaNeros oDallers oVeralls realloTs rePosall rosTella salloWer

'Typos': roselle roseola

Blana-grams: aerosOl alleGro alloVer allUres areolAs areolEs arollAs Ballers Callers Callose Cellars Claroes Coalers Collars Corella Dollars eNrolls esColar esCroll Fallers Florals Galores Gaolers Gollars Gollers Halloes Hersall Hollers laBrose laDlers lasSoer laUrels llaNero loaDers loaFers loaNers loCales loesSal lolLers losaBle loYaler Morales Moralls oarlesS oCellar oDaller oesTral oraCles orDeals orleaNs oVerall Pallors Paroles Pollers rallIes rallYes realloT reCalls reCoals reFalls reloaDs reloaNs rePolls rePosal reRolls rolleRs saFrole sallIer sCleral seroSal sHoaler sMaller solaCer soleraS sollarS sollerS sorellS sPaller sTellar Tellars Tollers Wallers

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aero aeros al ale ales all alls aloe aloes als also ar are ares arle arles arose ars arse as ea ear earl earls ears eas el ell ells els eorl eorls er era eras eros ers es la laer laers lar lare lares lars las lase laser lea leal lear lears leas les lo lor loral lore loreal lorel lorels lores los lose losel loser oar oars oe oes ole olea oles olla ollas or ora oral orals ore ores orle orles ors os osar ose rale rales ras rase re real realo realos reals res roe roes role roles roll rolls rose roseal sae sal sale sall salle salol sar sea seal sear sel sell sella ser sera seral slae sloe so soar soare sol sola solar sole soler solera sollar soller sora soral sore sorel sorell

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