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May 1st, 2015: ANGSTIER

Definition: 1. ANGSTIER adjective_comparative (see ANGSTY 1) 2. ANGSTY*ANGSTIER*ANGSTIEST adj feeling anxiety or dread

Anagrams: angriest astringe ganister gantries granites ingrates rangiest

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: agentriEs arResting asSerting astringeD astringeS Breasting Caterings eMigrants estraYing ganisterS ganNister gaUntries gnarLiest graDients grainIest gratineEs grieVants ingatHers integraLs Mastering Orangiest reCasting rePasting resEating resLating restaginG restaTing retasTing seriatIng serRating signatUre stingareE streaKing streaMing traPesing treaTings triangLes Vintagers Waterings

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aerAting aginNers agrestiC aLerting aLigners aLtering anergiAs anergiEs angAries antigeNs antiserA arenitEs argentiC arginAse arsenitE artesiAn artinesS asSigner aVerting Banister Barniest Bearings Beatings Berating Canister Catering Ceratins Cigarets Cisterna Creasing Creating Creatins Cresting Deraigns Derating Detrains Dragnets earniNgs earRings eartHing eastingS eMigrant engraFts engraiLs engraiNs entraiLs entraiNs ergastiC estaTing estragOn estrangE Fainters Feasting Frigates gaHnites ganGster garMents gastrinS gearinGs geLatins genistaS genitaLs genitOrs gentiaNs gentriEs gesnEria giantesS gitTerns gLariest gnatTier graDient graDines graineRs granDest granitAs granNies granteEs granteRs graPiest gratineE gratinGs greasinG greatEns grieVant Hairnets Hearings Hearsing Hearting Heatings ignIters ineartHs inertIas ingatHer ingraFts integErs integraL interagE intreaTs Kartings Keratins Lasering Latrines Magister Mangiest Margents Migrants Migrates Minarets Mintages Misagent nagGiest nargiLes narKiest negatErs negatOrs nitraTes nOtaries nOtarise Organise Organist Painters Pantries Partings Pertains Pinaster Pristane raFtings ragtiMes raiMents rainIest ranDiest rantiNgs ratAnies ratLines reaCting reaDings reagEnts reaLigns reaRings reasSign reBasing reBating reDating reEsting regRants reLating reMating rePaints resaWing resaYing resinatE resitIng restRain restRing retaKing retaPing retaXing retinaLs retRains retsinaS ringLets ringsteR ringtaWs rOasting rUinates saBering santeriA satinIer saUteing sCantier sCarting seatingS seatrAin seDating senOrita sergEant seringaS sHearing signaLer sLangier sLantier sMarting sMearing snagGier sPearing stagGier stainerS starLing starRing starTing starVing steaDing steaLing steaMing stearinE stearinS steEring sterigMa sterLing stingerS stingIer stingraY straFing straineD straineR straiTen strangeR strangeS strangLe straWing straYing streWing stringeD stringeR sWearing sWeating sYnergia taBering taCrines tagLines tanAgers tangiesT tangLers tangLier taPering taUrines terRains terTians tHerians tingLers tinWares traCings traDings traineEs traineRs tranNies trasHing treaDing treaTing trenaiLs trePangs tresSing triangLe trignesS tWangers tWangier tZiganes Unitages Uranites Urinates Vinegars Vintager Vintages Virgates Watering Wresting Yeasting

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae aegis ag age ageist agent agents ager agers ages agin agist ags ai aigret aigrets ain ains air airest airn airns airs airt airts ais ait aits an ane anes anestri anger angers angst ani anis anise ant ante antes anti antis antre antres ants antsier ar are areg ares argent argents arise arisen ars arse arsine art arts artsie as aster astern astir at ate ates ear earing earings earn earns ears easing east easting eat eating eatings eats egis en eng engirt engs ens entia er era eras erasing erg ergs ern erns ers erst es est estrin et eta etas etna etnas gae gaen gaes gain gainer gainers gains gainst gait gaiter gaiters gaits gan gane gar garnet garnets garni gars gas gast gaster gastrin gat gate gater gaters gates gats gean geans gear gears gen genista gens gent gents gest get geta getas gets gi giant giants gie gien gies gin gins girn girns girt girts gis gist git gite gites gits gnar gnars gnat gnats grain grains gran granite grans grant grants grat grate grates gratin gratine gratins gratis great greats grin grins grist grit grits in inert inerts ingate ingates ingest ingesta ingrate (and 303 more)

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