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November 5th, 2013: MITHER

Definition: MITHER*MITHERS n mother

Anagrams: hermit

Hooks: mitherS

Ana-hooks: hermitS mOither mOthier mYthier thermiC thYmier

'Typos': cither dither either hither lither micher mitier mother tither wither zither

Blana-grams: Betrim Chimer Dirhem Fremit heriOt hermAi hiNter hitTer hOmier hUmeri hUmite imAret iterUm mAtier meithS meNhir meritS metiEr metriC miLter miNter mirthS miSter miterS mitreD mitreS mOtier Permit reEmit remiNt remitS remiXt retimE retRim rhimeS Smiter thAirm theirS theiSm thermE thermS thirAm thriCe thriVe timBer timBre timerS tremiE trimeR Whiter Writhe

Extensions: SmitherS SmitherY mitherED mitherING SmitherIES GOLDSmitherY SmitherEENED WORDSmitherY SmitherEEN(S) SmitherEENING GOLDSmitherIES WORDSmitherIES

Sub-anagrams: eh em emir emit er et eth he heir hem her herm het hi hie him hire hit hm ire it item ither me meith meri merit met meth mi mir mire mirth mite miter mitre re reh rei rem remit ret rhime riem rim rime rit rite te tehr term the their them therm thir ti tie tier time timer tire trie trim

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