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October 14th, 2012: COMPILER

Definition: COMPILER*COMPILERS n one that compiles

Anagrams: complier

Hooks: compilerS

Ana-hooks: complierS micropYle polYmeric recompilE

'Typos': compiled compiles complier

Blana-grams: cApriole clUmpier comeliEr compliCe complieD complieS compliNe compriSe compriZe copremiA copremiC cormliKe crimpleD crimpleS impelLor imploreD imploreR imploreS impolDer leproTic peloriSm percoliN peTrolic piclorAm picomOle polemicS proclAim procliVe proemiAl proXemic replicoN

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ceil cel celom ceorl cep cero ciel cire cirl clem clime clip clipe clomp clop coil coiler coir col cole come comer comp compel comper compile cop cope coper copier cor core corm cormel crim crime crimp crimple cripe crome crop el elm em emic emir eorl epic eprom er eric ice icer imp impel implore io ire lei leir lep lerp li lice lie lier lime limo limp limper lip lire lo loci loipe loir lome lop lope loper lor lore loric me mel melic merc meri meril merl meropic mi mice mico micro mil mile miler milo milor mir mire mo moc moe moi moil moiler moire mol mole mop mope moper mopier mor more morel oe oi oil oiler ole oleic olm olpe om omer op ope or orc ore oriel orle pe pec peloric per peri peril perm pi pic pice pie pier pile piler pir pirl plie plier plim po poem poi pol pole polemic poler police pom pome pore pre prelim price prim prime primo pro proem prole prom re rec recoil rei relic rem reoil rep repo rice riel riem rile rim rime rimple rip ripe roc roe roil role rom romp rope

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