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September 9th, 2012: HARSLET

Definition: HARSLET*HARSLETS n haslet

Anagrams: halters lathers slather thalers

Hooks: harsletS

Ana-hooks: arChlets Blathers eNthrals Farthels halBerts halterEs leathErs lOathers rathOles slatherS therMals traChles trehalAs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aethErs alBerts altheAs aNthers aNtlers arChest arChlet arMlets artlesS ashlerS asthOre Bathers Batlers Berthas Blaster Blather Breaths Cartels Chalets Charets Chaster Clarets Clasher Crestal Daleths Dartles Dearths earshOt earthlY elatErs eNthral estrUal Falters Farthel Fathers Flasher Gathers haFters haGlets haIlers halBert halItes halserS halterE halVers haMlets haMster haNtles harDest harDset harelDs harlOts harMels harOset hartAls hartelY harteNs harVest hasletS hastIer hatlesS hatreDs hatTers haUlers healErs healtHs heartHs heartlY heatErs helIast heralDs herBals hersalL hOlster hOstler hUrtles hUstler laBrets laMster larChes larGest lasherS lasterS latChes latheEs latherY lathIer leathEr lethaLs lOather lOathes Martels Oestral Palters Persalt Plasher Plashet Plaster Platers Psalter raChets rasChel rasheSt ratChes rathesT rathOle ratTles raYlets realEst realIst rehEats relatEs reNtals reslatE retaIls salterN salterS saltIer saltIre salUter satChel sCarlet shaFter shalIer shaSter shatTer sheltaS sheltEr sherIat shOaler slaSher slaterS slatIer slatTer slIther sParthe sPheral staBler stalKer staPler starleT starTle stealEr stealTh stelLar sterNal sWather taIlers talKers tarCels tarselS taTlers telLars tePhras thaWers theNars therMal thralLs thraVes threaDs threaPs threaTs traChle traMels trasheD trasheS traVels trehalA Varlets Vestral Warstle Wastrel Wealths Whalers Wrastle Wreaths

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ah ahs al ale alert alerts ales als alt alter alters alts ar are ares aret arets arle arles ars arse art artel artels arts as ash ashet ashler aster at ate ates ea ear earl earls ears earst earth earths eas east eat eath eats eh ehs el els elt elts er era eras ers erst es est estral et eta etas eth ethal ethals eths ha hae haes haet haets hale haler halers hales halest halse halser halt halter halts hare hares harl harls hart harts has haslet hast haste hat hate hater haters hates hats he heal heals hear hears heart hearts heast heat heats her herl herls hers hes hest het hets la laer laers lah lahs lar lare lares lars las lase laser lash lasher last laster lat late later lath lathe lather lathes laths lats lea lear lears leas leash least leat leats lehr lehrs les lest let lets rah rahs rale rales ras rase rash rast rat rate ratel ratels rates rath rathe raths rats re real reals reast reh rehs res resat resh rest ret rets rhea rheas sae sal sale salet salt salter sar sat sate sea seal sear seat (and 77 more)

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