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April 10th, 2012: POSTIN

Definition: POSTIN*POSTINS n posteen

Anagrams: pinots pintos piston pitons points potins spinto

Hooks: postinG postinS

Ana-hooks: inKpots inKspot optiOns pintoEs pistonS pointEs pontiEs pontiLs positOn potiOns spinoUt spintoS stopinG tinpoTs topsPin tRopins

'Typos': postie postil

Blana-grams: Bionts Bonist Gipons iMpost iMpots inGots inKpot inMost inpUts instEp intRos ipPons Joints Monist nEpits nEtops nitoNs nitRos noiNts nostOi opinEs opsinS optiCs optinG optiOn oRpins oUtsin pAints pAntos pAtins pAtios pAtois piAnos piCots piLots pinGos pinKos pinoNs pintAs pistoL pitHos piVots poinDs pointE pointY poisOn poniEs pontEs pontiC pontiE pontiL posinG positS posnEt potinG potiOn potsiE poWins poYnts pRints pRions pRison pRoins pRosit psionS ptisAn ptosiS pUntos pUtois pUtons Ripost sipHon sopitE spiGot spinEt spinoR spLint spoiLt spRint stinGo stinKo tiGons tiMons tinpoT toCsin toisOn toniCs toniEs tonisH tonsiL topiCs topinG tosinG toXins tRipos tRopin Unstop Ustion

Extensions: postinGS IMpostinG REpostinG RIpostinG COMpostinG DISpostinG FLYpostinGS OVERpostinG SIGNpostinG FLYpostinG(S) postinAUGURAL postinFECTION postinJECTION

Sub-anagrams: in ins into io ion ions ios is iso it its nip nips nis nit nits no nos not oi oint oints on ons onst op ops opsin opt opts os pi pin pinot pins pint pinto pints pion pions pis piso pit piton pits po poi point pois pons pont ponts pos posit post pot potin pots psi psion pst si sin sip sit snip snit snot so son sop sot spin spit spot st stop ti tin tins tip tips tis to ton tons top topi topis tops

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