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February 27th, 2012: SYNAPSE

Definition: SYNAPSE*SYNAPSED*SYNAPSING*SYNAPSES v to come together in synapsis

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: synapseD synapseS

Ana-hooks: Dyspneas synapTes

'Typos': synapte

Blana-grams: apTness aspInes Dyspnea Ganseys Gayness napLess paesAns pansIes passKey passMen paTness pesanTs pessaRy sapIens saRneys saWneys sTaynes synaXes

Extensions: AsynapseS

Sub-anagrams: ae an ane anes any ape apes apse apses as asp aspen aspens asps ass ay aye ayes ays ea ean eans eas easy en ens es espy ess essay eyas na nae nap nape napes naps nas nay nays ne neap neaps nep neps ness ny nyas nyases nye nyes nys nyssa pa pan pane panes pans pansy pas pase pases pass passe pay pays pe pea pean peans peas pen pens pes pya pyas pye pyes pyne pynes sae san sane sanes sans sap saps say sayne says sea sean seans seas sen sena senas sens sensa seps sey seys snap snaps sneap sneaps sny snye snyes spa spae spaes span spane spanes spans spas spay spays spean speans spy sye syen syens syes syn syne synes sype sypes ya yap yaps ye yea yean yeans yeas yen yens yep yeps yes

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