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February 18th, 2012: SCLERA

Definition: SCLERA*SCLERAS*SCLERAE n the white, fibrous outer coat of the eyeball

Anagrams: carles clears lacers recals scaler

Hooks: scleraE scleraL scleraS

Ana-hooks: alercEs calKers calLers calVers carCels carlesS carPels carRels carTels carVels celLars cerEals cesUral clareTs clarIes clarOes clasHer clasPer clasSer claVers claWers cOalers craDles craPles cresTal eclaIrs escOlar lacKers laNcers larcHes Marcels Oracles Parcels Placers raNcels rascHel recalLs reclasP recOals recUsal relacEs rescalE scalAre scalDer scalerS scalIer scalPer scarleT secUlar slacKer sOlacer Tarcels

'Typos': sclere solera

Blana-grams: acKers alDers alercE alerTs alTers alUres aNcles arcHes arecAs arGles arIels arTels asHler Balers Blares Blears Braces caBers caBles caDres caesAr caGers calCes calesA calKer calLer calMer calVer calVes calXes caMels caNers caPers caPles carCel careRs caresS careTs carIes carOls carPel carRel carseS carseY carTel carTes carVel carVes caserN casTer casTle caTers caUles caUser caVels caVers ceDars celLar ceOrls cerCal cerEal cerIas cesUra cHares cHaser cHelas claDes claMes clareT clarOs clarTs claUse claVer claVes claWer cleaNs cleaTs clerKs clOser cOaler cOarse cOrals craAls craDle craKes craMes craNes craPes craPle craRes craseS craTes craVes craWls craZes creaKs creaMs creasE creasY creDal creEls creNas cresOl cresYl crUels cUrsal Decals eclaIr eclaTs erIcas escarP escarS escHar escrOl esTral Facers Falces Falser Farces Farles Flares Flaser Glaces Glares Graces Halers Halser laceTs lacHes lacIer lacKer laDers laGers laKers laNcer laNces laPser lareEs larGes lascAr laserS lasHer lasTer laVers laYers learEs learNs leasEr leEars lePras lUcres Macers Macles Marcel Marles Mascle Mescal Nacres Oracle Pacers Parcel Parles Parsec Pearls Placer Places raceRs racHes racKle raIles raNcel raNces raNsel rascAl rasSle raTels raUcle raVels raYles reacTs realEs realMs realOs recalL recaPs recasT reclaD recOal recTal reGals relacE relaYs relIcs resaIl resalE resEal rOsace rOseal sacKer sacrAl sacreD saIler salTer salVer sarDel saUcer saUrel scalAe scalAr scaleD scaleS scaMel scarCe scareD scareR scareS scareY scarRe sclaTe sclaVe scraeS scraPe scraWl scraYe screaK screaM sealcH sealEr searcE searcH secPar seracS seraIl serIal serVal slaKer slaTer slaVer slaYer slIcer sOlace sPacer sTaler sTelar Talers Tarcel Tarsel Traces Ulcers Varecs Velars Versal Walers Warsle

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acer acers aces acre acres ae aesc al ale alec alecs ales als ar arc arcs are ares arle arles ars arse as car care cares carl carle carls cars carse case ceas cel cels claes clear ea ear earl earls ears eas el els er era eras ers es escar la lac lace lacer laces lacs laer laers lar lare lares lars las lase laser lea lear lears leas les race races rale rales ras rase re real reals rec recal recs res sac sae sal sale sar scale scar scare scrae sea seal sear sec sel ser sera serac seral slae

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